Make wine for us

Our aim is to make Naked Wines Australia the most exciting place to make wine, not only because we love winemakers, but because it's good for business!

How do we do that?

  • Get the very best winemakers
  • Give them the tools and space to thrive
  • Allow them to focus on winemaking not marketing, sales, financing, compliance and administration
  • Put winemakers in direct contact with over 100,000+ customers
  • Have a diverse portfolio that offers great winemaking opportunity
  • Have a great time!

What kind of winemaker are we looking for?

We are in business of propelling proven stars to set up on their own. Those who have…

  • the credentials and expertise to make truly world-class wines
  • received local and international recognition
  • vision beyond the traditional market
  • a desire to connect directly with customers
  • has enough of the sales and marketing crap

If this is you read on…

How does it work?

We agree with you on a range of wines - wine-styles, volume and price points. Costs, budgets and pricing are agreed using a "Cost Plus" approach, not an ex-winery price including margin.

We help fund production through firm orders, cash and other financing support. You earn through a monthly retainer and/or bottle fee - your income/profit is guaranteed.

Additional earnings are possible by impacting direct sales.

You are the brand and therefore own the brand. We take care of all sales, marketing and regulatory tasks.

What do we mean by "Cost Plus"?

Grapes + Winemaking inputs + Dry goods + Bottling

Winemaker income (retainer and/or bottle fee) + NW margin + Delivery cost

Why? We want a transparent approach to cost, not clouded in margin and provides flexibility to accomodate vintage variation. It protects the winemakers earnings and ensure customers don't pay overinflated prices.

What's expected of you?

  • Truly world-class wines that "WOW" our customers
  • Knowledge and access to the best grapes, techniques and winemaking tools
  • Reliable forecasting of costs and volumes
  • Regular online interaction with our customers
  • Promotion of and yourself in the media
  • Once a year joining a tasting tour to support your wines

Understanding our business model… a virtuous circle!

Our customer "Angels" pre-pay monthly against future wine orders. We invest this money in independent winemakers. The wines made are sold online and direct to the customer so no middleman.

Our customers "Angels"

Customers "Angels" can chat directly to one another and to the winemakers.

Customers can vote with their feet on new initiatives and wines, to decide what makes the cut.

And we tell customers what to buy AND what not to buy based on their preferences.

What's been achieved to date

  • Successfully launched in the UK in 2008 followed by the US and Australia in 2012
  • Recruited over 301,000 customers worldwide, 200,000 of which invest over £4.5m a month towards future orders
  • Growth of 27% with over £104m in sales last year
  • Invested in over 152 independant winemakers in 14 countries
  • Over 17.5m bottles of wine sold per year
  • Awarded numerous business innovation, wine and customer service accolades.
To chat to us about working with us, please contact us here.

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