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The Small Print

  1. www.nakedwines.com.au is operated by Naked Wines Australia Pty Ltd. Sale of wines through nakedwines.com.au is made under New South Wales liquor licence LIQP770016426.

  2. The following Terms & Conditions of Use together with our privacy policy (collectively, Terms) form the agreement between You and Us in relation to Your use and access of this website and the supply of wine ordered by the website.

  3. By accessing this website, You acknowledge that You are 18 years or older and have read and understood the Terms and that You agree to be bound by the Terms. If You do not agree to the Terms or have not reached 18 years of age then you must not use this website.

  4. From time to time We may vary the Terms and You must accept the Terms on each occasion You access the website.

  5. “Our”, “We”, and “Us” means Naked Wines Australia Pty Ltd and “You” and “Your” means the customer having an account with Us or placing an order with us.


  1. The delivery address supplied by You must be in Australia. We are not permitted to ship product internationally. Due to legislation changes we no longer ship to the Northern Territory.

  2. By placing an order with Us You are confirming that You are 18 years or older. It is illegal for Us to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18.

  3. When You give Us Your credit or debit card details You are confirming that You are either the card holder, or that You have permission from the card holder to use the card for the purpose of ordering wine from Us.

  4. The delivery address supplied by You must be in Australia. We are not permitted to ship product internationally.

  5. No payment will be taken from Your card until the goods You have ordered are dispatched from Our warehouse, or Your monthly Angels payment (if You are a Naked Angels customer) is due.

  6. We reserve the right to cancel any orders We cannot fulfill for any reason. If Your order is cancelled We will contact You to inform You of the cancellation and refund any money You have paid Us for that order.

  7. We only ship in cases containing 6, 12 or 15 bottles. We cannot accept any orders for less than 6 bottles.

Product Availability

  1. Products offered by Us are displayed on Our website(s) in ‘real time’. Any product may be withdrawn from offer without notice at Our discretion.

  2. If for some reason We are unable to fulfill Your exact order, We reserve the right to substitute up to 3 bottles with similar wines of at least the same value as the wine You ordered. The 3 substitute bottles will be covered by Our Hassle-free Guarantee as set out below. If We need to substitute more than 3 bottles in any one order We will put Your order on hold and contact You for further instructions.

  3. We reserve the right to limit sales to retail quantities if we reasonably deem that the order is not within a reasonable retail quantity. If you wish to purchase unusually large orders for an event, please call us prior to placing the order so that we can accommodate you.

  4. If You are unhappy with Our wines, We offer a full Hassle-free Guarantee. To receive this, You must communicate with Us within 30 days of the date of delivery of the wine to You. We may require a return of the remaining quantity of wine at Our discretion.


  1. Fast contactless delivery is available to Sydney & Melbourne metro Angels only for orders placed by 3pm. If we experience an unusually large number of orders, we may change the 3pm cut-off to an earlier time so that we can keep our promise to the customers who have already placed their orders. We deliver Australia wide and are continually working on our rates. When a customer purchases online from any state in the country the final price will be based on the wines selected plus the cost of the courier, which will be displayed at the end of the purchase process.

  2. If Your order goes missing, or is damaged, between dispatch and delivery, We will send You a replacement order as soon as We can. If We are unable to dispatch replacement goods within 7 days We will offer You a full refund. For these purposes, delivery takes place when products are left at the delivery address specified in Your order.

  3. Our courier may require a proof of age identification check if they deem it reasonable at the time they are making the delivery to You or Your authorized agent.

  4. If Your order is undeliverable we will contact you to arrange for re-delivery. We may charge you a fee for any re-deliveries.

  5. Risk of damage, loss or deterioration to the product passes to You on delivery.

  6. Title to the product remains with Us until we receive the full price of the product from you in cleared funds.

  7. Due to Northern Territory Government legislative changes to the Liquor Amendment Bill in order to regulate the sale, provision, promotion and consumption of liquor within the Northern Territory, we no longer ship to this region.

Security, Privacy and Risk

  1. For Your own safety We reserve the right to contact Your card issuer for the purposes of carrying out security checks.

  2. We take Your privacy very seriously and will only pass Your delivery details to 3rd parties when necessary to fulfill your order i.e. to warehouse operators, carriers and other third parties contracted to dispatch your order to You. Please read Our Privacy Policy on our website.

  3. You must not upload any type of virus or computer malware onto the website and must ensure that Your computer remains safe and does not infect Our website whilst You are on the website.

  4. We may provide links on Our website to third party products and/or services. We do not promote or recommend these products and/or services to You. If You access these links You do so at Your own risk.

  5. We expressly disclaim all liability for Your use of this website. Each time You access this website You acknowledge that Your use of this website is at your sole risk and you are solely liable for any damage, loss or expense You incur from using the website.

Naked Wines Angels

  1. For Your own safety We reserve the right to contact Your card issuer for the purposes of carrying out security checks.

  2. We take Your privacy very seriously and will only pass Your delivery details to 3rd parties when necessary to fulfil your order i.e. to warehouse operators, carriers and other third parties contracted to dispatch your order to You. Please read Our Privacy Policy on our website.

  3. You must not upload any type of virus or computer malware onto the website and must ensure that Your computer remains safe and does not infect Our website whilst You are on the website.

  4. We may provide links on Our website to third party products and/or services. We do not promote or recommend these products and/or services to You. If You access these links You do so at Your own risk.

  5. We expressly disclaim all liability for Your use of this website. Each time You access this website You acknowledge that Your use of this website is at your sole risk and you are solely liable for any damage, loss or expense You incur from using the website.

When You become a Naked Angel, You will be helping Our network of talented winemakers to make delicious wines, for less.

You support them by depositing $40 a month into your Naked Wines piggy bank towards Your next order. Yours to spend on ANY of Our wines, whenever You want. We combine your funds with ours to fund our winemakers to create these amazing handcrafted wines.

In return for Your support, You save at least 25% (and up to 50%) every time You place an order (i.e. You pay the Angel Price rather than the normal price listed next to each wine).

Naked Angels are also offered a free premium bottle of wine every month if You order a case, while stocks last. To claim Your free bottle, add it to Your basket from Your Naked Me page (unless we have added it already!) and checkout with at least 12 other bottles.

Also: As a Naked Angel there is no obligation to order whatsoever. You decide when You want to order (if at all) and what You want to order.

Your monthly deposits will be transferred from your registered debit or credit card once per month. You can change Your payment date on Your Account page.

If You place an order that totals more than the balance in Your Naked Wines account, then We will debit Your registered debit / credit card the difference.

Please Note: There are a handful of highly discounted cases which do not have an exclusive Angel discount, which we will specify on the website. However, You will still save a minimum of 25% (excluding some introductory offers).

Money-Off Vouchers: if You have a promotional money-off voucher in Your account, these are only redeemable against the standard price, not the Angel price, unless otherwise stated.

Gift Certificates: As these are like money, there is no Angel discount when buying gift certificates BUT You will still receive Your Angel discount when You spend a gift certificate.

Cancellation: You can cancel your Naked Angel Account at any time, and get Your Hassle-free Guarantee, or wine to that value – with no penalty whatsoever. You can cancel online on Your account page, via email at chat@nakedwines.com.au OR by calling Us on 1300 898 677 FREE. Please note, that if You have any vouchers in Your account, We cannot refund these but, subject to the provisions below You will receive all unused money that you paid into Your account.

If you stop making Your monthly Angel deposits for 3 consecutive months and you have Angel Credit and you don't contact us to make some other arrangement we will:

  1. Refund your Angel Credit to your nominated credit card or bank account, or

  2. If, after we have done our best to contact you, we can't refund your Angel Credit because your credit card or account details have changed, or you haven't provided us with an alternate way to pay you, we will deliver wine to the value of your Angel Credit to the address you last advised us; and

  3. If we can’t deliver to that address because you have moved, or there is no-one at that address to accept delivery of the wine, you acknowledge that we will donate that wine to a registered charity, who can use the wine for their fundraising. This way everyone benefits.

What does Angel exclusive mean? Angel exclusive means that Angels will always get first dibs on all new products as soon as they hit the store (usually around four weeks). Once Angels have had first dibs, the product will be released to all customers to purchase at the list price, however Angels will always have first dibs.

Wine Genie

  1. Our Wine Genie service is the perfect solution for busy folk who’d like someone to do their wine shopping for them.

  2. It’s our job to make sure you have a wine rack full of wines you’re going to love, and as a Wine Genie member, you get a credit back to your account for any you don’t.

  3. You can sit back and let us do everything for you, or you can be really specific if you like.

  4. The sit back route:

    • Pop you name on the Wine Genie list

    • We’ll send you a case of wines to get you started

    • If we know what you like, we’ll customise the wines to your taste…

    • ...if not, we’ll send you some crowd-pleasing customer favourites

    • You drink them (the hard part)

    • You rate them (with just a couple of clicks)

    • We’ll credit your Angel account for any bottles you don’t enjoy

    • And when you’re running low, we’ll send you your next case based on your feedback and preferences

  5. The more specific route:

    • All of the above! But you can hop online and give us more specific instructions:

      • How frequently you want to receive a case (every 1, 2 or 3 months)

      • Whether you want to receive a mixed, all red or all whites case

      • An indication of the kind of price you’re comfortable paying

      • How many bottles you’d like to receive in each case (6, 12 or 14).

  6. We’ll send your wine to your default delivery address (which you can update at any time here).

  7. If the timing isn't right, you’re welcome to postpone or skip your case. Plus, if you don’t like the sound of the wines we’ve chosen for you, you can edit your case online or by contacting our Customer Happiness Team before we send them out.

  8. There are no tie-ins or contracts, and you can cancel your Wine Genie membership at any time. Plus our usual 100% hassle-free guarantee applies i.e. you only pay for wines you love.

  9. We also reserve the right to cancel your Wine Genie membership at any point if we don't think we're right for one another.

  10. For our full standard terms and conditions, please take a look here.

What will my Wine Genie cases cost?

When you pop your name down for Wine Genie, we’ll ask you the average amount you typically spend on a bottle: between $8.99 and $10.99, between $11.00 and $15.99, or over $16 , and every time you need a top up, we’ll suggest a case we think you’ll love based on these price-points and your personal preferences. If the price of the recommended case is too much (or too little), we can change your case for you.

What’s the delivery charge?

Your standard delivery costs apply to Wine Genie cases.

What if I want to change the frequency or size of my cases?

You can change the case size, type, frequency and price-settings of your Wine Genie cases in your account page here. Or you can drop us a line and we’ll do it for you.

How are you so confident you’ll send me wines I’m going to love?

Every time you tell us whether you’d buy one of our wines again via our website or app, we get to know your tastes a bit better. If you’ve been with us for a while, our whizzy algorithm does all the thinking for you, based on your personal wine preferences, and picks wines you’ve told us you love OR with a similar style profile. Equally, it avoids wines you’ve told us you didn’t enjoy - and those that are similar.

If you’re new to Naked Wines, the more you tell us what you enjoy, the better the recommendations get! So please download our app or hop onto My Account > Wine Profile to fill in your Wine Profile. And don’t forget to give each wine you try a rating.

N.B. Our app is currently available to Angels only.

Will I still get all of my Angel perks alongside my Wine Genie cases?

If you’re an Angel, you’ll only ever pay Angel prices - both on your Wine Genie cases and any ad-hoc purchases. Plus, you’ll still be offered a Thank You bottle every month (which you’re welcome to claim on non-Wine Genie orders as usual), get first dibs on new releases and keep all your other perks.


Any promotions, discounts or vouchers are single use only and not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or voucher unless otherwise stated by us.

If you receive a voucher from us, You can use it in the following ways:

  • You must be over the age of 18 to claim a voucher and purchase from us.

  • These Terms and Conditions will become applicable when you redeem a discount promotion or voucher by entering a code and password on our website, along with your email address.

  • Vouchers are valid only on a customer's first order, can only be used once and may not be copied, resold or published in any way without our written approval.

  • Vouchers can not be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, discount or voucher unless otherwise stated by us.

  • Vouchers will be applied to your order's market price and your discounted order total will be confirmed before checkout. There may be a minimum spend requirement. Our standard minimum order requirement is 6 or 12 bottles but this may vary by voucher.

  • We reserve the right to withdraw or cancel any voucher for any reason at any time.

  • Vouchers offered from any customer referral program are not valid if published on deal or bargain sites. We reserve the right to cancel any suspicious codes and remove referral credit if we become aware of inappropriate use.

  • As with all of our orders, if you’re not happy with any of the wines for any reason, we offer a full Hassle-free Guarantee. To receive the full Hassle-free Guarantee credit, you must communicate with us within 30 days of the date of delivery of the wine to you. We may require a return of the remaining quantity of wine at our discretion.

  • Vouchers cannot be used to purchase any charity, donation products or used in lieu of any monetary donation.

Please note: We may offer vouchers depending upon an event or season or our business partners may offer vouchers which may have different terms and conditions to those listed above, – however, we will ensure that the applicable terms and conditions will be printed on the voucher itself or included on the website.

We operate a fair use policy on all promotional vouchers: We will honour vouchers earned from our partners, but we reserve the right to close your account(s) if we reasonably suspect that You are downloading vouchers from a voucher site, or if You set up multiple accounts.

Gift Cards

A Gift Card is a product that has been pre purchased for a nominated credit value.

  • To use this Gift Card you must be 18 years or older.

  • The Gift Card value will be applied to your order's market price and your discounted order total will be confirmed before checkout.

  • Our standard Gift certificate minimum order requirement is 6 bottles.

  • If you wish to make a purchase for an amount that exceeds the Remaining Card Value, you must pay the excess using another payment method.

  • Multiple Gift Cards can be used in one transaction.

  • The card may be used multiple times until the full balance is reached.

  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • Gift Cards are non refundable, non transferable and cannot be resold.

  • We don’t ship to the Northern Territory.

  • By using this Gift Card you are agreeing to all Terms and conditions.

Never Miss Out

  1. To ensure you never miss out on your favourite wine/s again, you can pop your name on the reserve list of a particular wine to guarantee first dibs every time a new vintage lands.

  2. You tell us how many bottles (6 / 12 / 15) and we’ll make sure you're the first to know when a new vintage arrives (which is typically once a year)

  3. We'll let you know at the point you pop your name on the list when the wine is roughly due to land each year, but please be mindful that this is an approximate date as the winery and shipping gods change our plans sometimes...

  4. When the wine is on its way to our warehouse, we'll send you an email to let you know it's landing soon (with an approximate delivery date). And unless you tell us not to, we’ll pop your wines in the post so you don’t need to lift a finger.

  5. There's absolutely nothing to pay until we ship you your wines, and our usual Hassle-free Guarantee applies i.e. if you don’t enjoy the wines, you get a Hassle-free Guarantee credit.

  6. You’ll pay the current Angel price for the wines (at the time of shipping). Our usual delivery charge applies.

  7. There are absolutely no tie-ins or commitments, and you can take your name off the reserve list at any point here.

Wall Posts

  1. If You post a comment on any of the public walls incorporated within the site (i.e. the Winemaker walls, the Wine Page walls and Your Naked Me profile wall), Your comments will be in the public domain and will be visible to anyone who visits the site. You must not post a comment that is offensive, unlawful, obscene or defamatory. You are solely responsible for all posts listed using your account, whether the post was authorised or not.

  2. If you post a comment on our Wall, or if you post on our Facebook page or if you Tweet us, you agree that we can publish the post to promote the wine or the winemaker or Naked Wines, without the need to reference you when we do so – even though we probably will. We have to remove content that is unlawful or breaches advertising standards.²

  3. Wine ratings and comments posted on Your ‘Naked Me’ profile page will be fed through to the relevant wine page, and therefore visible to anyone who visits the site.

  4. If You do not want Your Naked Me wall conversations to be visible, then You must set your profile to ‘private’.

Intellectual Property

All content displayed or comprising the website, including without limitation the images, brand names, trademarks, commentary, website layout and software are subject to intellectual property protection in Australia and internationally. You do not have permission to modify the content on this website, permit unauthorized users to access it (whether intentionally or otherwise) or transmit it to third parties. Any misuse of Our intellectual property rights and/or Our partners’ intellectual property rights will result in immediate termination of Your account and You may be liable for damages.

Website Information

Information contained on our website is uploaded regularly. We cannot guarantee the information to be correct, current or complete as there are a number of factors which affect this information. We accept no responsibility or liability for any inaccuracies or typographical errors on our website.

Product Warranty

We warrant that the product supplied by Us is of merchantable quality when delivered to You. To the extent permitted by law We expressly disclaim all express, implied, statutory warranties, guarantees and representations. In accordance with clause 9 of these terms and conditions, Our warranty given in respect of merchantable quality is limited to the replacement or resupply of the affected product to You or a refund of the cost of the product, at Our discretion.


You acknowledge that We are not liable to You under any circumstances for any loss, damage or expense (including indirect or consequential, loss of opportunity or profits)You may incur from using our website. To the extent that the above exclusion of liability is unenforceable, invalid or ineffective then our aggregate liability to You under these Terms for all exclusions referred to above for all and any causes of action (collectively) shall be limited to AU$50.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Us, Our officers, employees, partners, suppliers, agents and contractors from and against all losses, proceedings, charges and costs (whether direct, indirect, special, exemplary or consequential) of every kind made against Us due to Your use, misuse or access to Our website and/or in allowing (with or without intention or knowledge) a person under 18 years of 18 access to Our website or to take delivery of the product on your behalf (whether with or without your permission).

Force Majeure

We shall not be responsible to You if we are unable to deliver Your order or if we are prevented from performing our obligations under these Terms due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control. We will notify you of any delays to your delivery. However, if we are prevented from performing our obligations beyond a reasonable time then we may, at our discretion, elect to cancel Your order and provide a refund or credit to the value of the cancellation without further liability to You.

Notices to you

We may contact you via the contact details provided by you including your email address. You must maintain Your contact details as current at all times.

Entire Agreement

These Terms contain the entire agreement between You and Us for the use of Our website to purchase product. All and any other understandings, agreements and representations are hereby expressly excluded.

Applicable Law

These Terms are governed by the laws of New South Wales, Australia and the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales.


It is Your responsibility to consume alcohol sensibly.

Privacy Policy

Click here for the full Privacy Policy.

Anti-Slavery and Human trafficking policy

Majestic Wine PLC maintains a diverse supply chain across a number of geographic areas, as well as directly employing over 1500 people worldwide. As a Group we are committed to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the Californian Transparency in Supply Chain Act of 2010 (TISCA) and to doing everything we can to prevent slavery and human trafficking in our businesses and across our supply chains.

We recognise that modern slavery can take many forms, including servitude, forced or compulsory labour and human trafficking.

Our Anti-Slavery Statement:

“As part of our Company mission ‘To Do the Right Thing for our People, Customers and Suppliers’ we oppose modern slavery in all its forms and will try to prevent it by any means that we can. We expect anyone who has any suspicions of modern slavery in our business or our supply chain to raise their concerns without delay. We promise that we will keep any information provided completely confidential.”

1. Structure and Supply Chains

Our Structure

Majestic Wine PLC is a leading wine retailer with four divisions: Majestic Wine Retail, Majestic Commercial, Naked Wines and Lay & Wheeler. The Company is based in the UK and has operations in the UK, France, USA and Australia. Group turnover for the year ended 02 April 2018 was just below $857m. For more information on our Group please visit: Our group at a glance

Our Supply Chains

Our Group purchases goods and services from a wide range of providers located across differing geographic areas. By value the largest part of our supply chain is wine which comes from a mix of developed and developing economies around the world. As well as wine, we purchase goods and services to support our operations around the word ranging from staff uniforms and printed marketing materials to consultancy and facilities management services.

Within our retail business our staff are predominantly permanent employees. The nature of our business is such that employees are required to work “out of office” hours and over weekends. Working hours are agreed between managers and staff. We do not utilise zero hours’ contracts. We are of the view that our policy in no way contravenes the principles which support the individuals’ right to offer their services in exchange for a fair wage.

We recognise our supply chain as our biggest risk area for exposure to modern slavery. We operate in a sector where our suppliers may make use of seasonal workers employed on a variety of types of contracts. This is a high risk area in terms of the legislation. In the developing economies, or where there are large numbers of unskilled and/or unemployed workers, there may also be an enhanced risk for abuse.

2. Risk Mapping Process

As a result, we are committed to developing a detailed risk mapping process, together with the required mitigation and intervention strategies, to adequately address our obligations. To this end we have already developed an action plan, with realistic time lines for implementation.

This process will include a determination as to which parts of our business and suppliers are considered to represent the highest risk of modern slavery taking into consideration the locations they are based in, the types of labour they utilise and the services provided to our Group.

3. Policies and Commitments

We expect high standards and transparency from inside our own businesses as well as from all our contractors, suppliers and other business partners. We expect our suppliers to hold their own suppliers to the same high standards.

Our commitments:

  • To prohibit use of forced, compulsory or trafficked labour, or anyone held in slavery or servitude, whether adults or children;

  • All team members must familiarise themselves with our procedures to help in the identification and prevention of modern slavery;

  • We will review our supply base to identify high risk areas which raise concern against our “Doing the Right Thing” standards.

  • We have identified a number of policies which will underpin and support our commitments and have developed and implemented a Code of Conduct and Whistle Blowing Policy. The consideration of additional supporting policies will form part of our risk process as part of the required mitigation actions.

4. Training Processes

We understand that we need to raise awareness of modern slavery within our own business as well as amongst our supply chain, including a process which is available to report transgressions.

We will endeavour to work with suppliers identified as “at risk” following our assessment process so as to train them and provide capacity building within the relevant structures to address the problem. As part of this strategy, we will also attempt to work with groups at risk within the labour grouping to ensure they are made aware of their rights.

5. Actions to address modern slavery or human trafficking

Risk Management

Our current action plans include a risk assessment process together with mitigation and prevention outcomes.

Whistle Blowing

We promise to unconditionally protect any legitimate whistle blowers within or outside our organisation. Concerns about suspected modern slavery associated with the Company or our suppliers may be reported via the process set out below.

Anyone may submit a complaint or tip off via our hotline - speakup@majestic.co.uk

All reports of suspicious activity are kept in the strictest confidence. The source of reports will be kept confidential, save to the extent that our maintaining that secrecy or the anonymity of the source is not permitted by law, or is not consistent with our maintaining our adequate procedures. We are committed to ensuring no one suffers any detrimental treatment as a result of reporting in good faith their suspicion that modern slavery of whatever form is or may be taking place in any part of our own business or in any of our supply chains. Please cross refer to our Whistle Blowing Policy.

Employees should in the first instance approach their Divisional Director/MD or contact the confidential email contact on speakup@majestic.co.uk as per our Whistle Blowing Policy. The Director will then escalate this further and the course of action will depend on the nature of the complaint.

The Company encourages members of the public or people not employed by us to write, in confidence, to our hot line, our Company Secretary or Group Controls Manager at our headquarters at Majestic House to raise any concern, issue or suspicion of modern slavery in any part of our business or related supply chain.

Employees should take action in the following circumstances:

  • where they suspect a person acting on behalf of Majestic Wine PLC or one of our businesses is seeking to exploit another in a way which could amount to modern slavery;

  • where they suspect that a person acting on behalf of one of our suppliers is seeking to exploit another in a way which could amount to modern slavery;

  • where they have received an approach from a person acting on behalf of Majestic Wines PLC or one of our businesses who has invited you to participate in acts which could result in offences under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 being committed;

  • where they have information which leads to the rational conclusion that a person acting on behalf of Majestic Wine PLC or one of our businesses or suppliers is preparing to commit, is committing or has committed an act in contravention of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

6. Engagement with Stakeholders

Our zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery will be communicated to all suppliers, contractors and business partners at the outset of our business relationship with them and reinforced as appropriate thereafter. We expect all our people to have read and be aware of this statement.

We will include in the directors’ report accompanying our Annual Report a reference to the Company’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, which will be presented on our PLC website post the year end. This statement will also be available on our PLC website.

Recommend for adoption by the Board Date of Adoption: August 2018

Next Review: July 2019

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 3 April 2019.

Greg Hodder (Chairman) The Majestic Wine PLC Board Date 08 August 2018


We occasionally invite you to pre-order wines that are currently out of stock, or new exciting wines that will be added to our range.

We typically ask you to put down a $10 deposit to secure 6 bottles. This will appear just like any regular order would, in your order history.

You can pay your deposit using your registered card or any cash in your Naked Wines account (you can’t use vouchers or account credits).

When the wine is ready to ship, we’ll email you to let you know and tell you when it’s due and how much balance you owe (which you’ll pay when we ship you the wine).

If you’ve changed your mind, you can cancel your order and we’ll give you your $10 deposit back.

Our 100% hassle-free guarantee still applies to pre-ordered wines, so if you don’t enjoy it, or it’s faulty, just let us know and we’ll add a credit to your Naked account.

Please note, pre-order delivery dates are estimates and subject to change. If there’s a delay, we’ll let you know by email.

Our standard delivery charges apply.


Recommending a friend

  1. Every Angel can send a welcome offer to their friends who don't currently shop with Naked Wines, via email, Facebook and Twitter. The current welcome offer is $100 off the first case (12 bottles) of Naked Wines.

  2. You can send the offer to as many friends as you like, as often as you like, but your friends will only be able to redeem the deal if they're new to Naked Wines.

  3. By inviting a friend, you confirm you have their consent for us to email them an invitation with a unique link to the offer, plus one reminder. They have 30 days to claim - after that, we'll delete their data.

  4. If your friend decides to take up the offer, they're under no obligation to buy again or become an Angel (but we will invite them to become one!)

  5. For every friend that orders off the back of your invite, we will credit your Naked Wines account with $30 as soon as their order is shipped.

  6. This $30 credit can be used against any products on the website.

  7. N.B. If you decide to cancel your Naked Wines account, any referral credit you've accumulated won't be refunded to you.

  8. Naked Wines reserves the right to withdraw or revoke the $30 credit offer or change the amount of the credit at any time, if it determines that the 'Invite a friend' offer is being abused or it is appropriate to do so.

  9. The case cannot be shipped to the Northern Territory, sorry.

To the person receiving an invite:

  1. If you're new to Naked Wines, you're welcome to redeem the $100 wine voucher offer sent to you by an existing Naked Wines customer against 12 or more bottles of Naked wines with a minimum value of $155.88. You must be over 18 years old.

  2. If you've been invited, we'll send you an email invite with a link to the offer, and one further email reminder. If you don't claim the offer, we'll remove your information from our database after 30 days.

  3. Delivery charges, where applicable, are not included.

  4. The deal cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or voucher.

  5. If you take up the offer, you're under no obligation to buy again or become an Angel (i.e. a member), but we will invite you to become one.

  6. If you do decide to order and you don't like the wines, our 100% hassle-free guarantee still applies - just let us know and we'll add a credit for the price paid to your account to put towards another order.